Verilog Intellectual Property and Services for ASICs and FPGAs licenses silicon-proven Verilog Intellectual Property (IP) for Media-related applications and provides Services associated with IP selection, integration and verification.

Each IP core includes source code, documentation, testbench and VCD dumps to allow you to start or complete your ASIC or FPGA designs.  Our cores are used today in many products such as Broadcast Encoders, Medical Cameras, Surveillance Systems and Portable Consumer TV devices.

Our Services Team ensures that your project meets its schedule and cost.

Whether you are creating a new chip design or have an existing chip design that does not work as expected, the use of licensed, proven IP, and an experienced team that has already worked together will allow you to complete your project faster and for a reduced cost.

The combination of our IP and experienced Services Team will take care of your Media-related project needs.  Our mission is to ensure that Your Project will be On Schedule.

Our cores are:

  • Synthesized for ASICs and Actel, Altera, Lattice and Xilinx FPGAs
  • Linted for Verilog 2001 portability
  • Customized for your application (if needed)
  • Integrated to your existing code base
  • Easily interfaced to standard I/O chips

Our Services Team:

  • Has more than 150 years of collective Design and Verification experience.  What does this mean? It means that our engineers have, very likely, already solved either the exact problems that you are facing or very similar ones.
  • Has worked together for many years avoiding conflicts and delays associated with improvised ad-hoc teams.
  • Has proven deliverables in ASIC and FPGA projects in Media-related efforts.
  • Will ensure that your project is on-schedule and on-budget from definition of Statement of Work to Production if that is your desire.

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